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Submitted By: Xactware
Roof with turret, medium complexity
MED_TURRET_1 27.0 Turret Roof


Submitted By: Xactware
Hip roof with turret - complex design featured
COMP_TURRET_1 27.0 Recent Turret Hip Roof


Submitted By: Xactware
Simple roof design including turrent
SIMPLE_TURRET_1 27.0 Roof Turret Simple


Submitted By: Xactware
A southwestern style roof with hips and turrets
MED_SOUTHWEST_1 27.0 Turrets Turret Hip Southwestern Southwest Roof


Submitted By: Xactware
A multi-angle design with complex hip and turrets.
COMP_HIP_TUR1 27.0 Angle Turret Hip Roof


Submitted By: Xactware
A complex gabled roof with two large wings
COMP_GABLE_1 27.0 Turret Wings Gabel Roofs Roof


Submitted By: Xactware
A victorian style hip roof design with multiple gables, a sunroom and tower roof.
ROOF_VIC1 27.0 Multiple Sunroom Turret Tower Gable Hip Roofs Roof


Submitted By: Xactware
A gable roof plan with double garage with double raised gables and multiple offsets. Includes offset hip building and a large gazebo roof and turret.
ROOF_S4 27.0 Roof Gazebo Offsets Gable Multiple Roofs